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Foals Schedule Ages 0-6M

7:30AM- 8:30AM
●  Drop off at the infant cafeteria
●  Infants that are having solids will stay in the cafeteria for breakfast. The non eaters will be 
transferred to their classrooms
8:30AM- 9:00AM
● Diaper changes/ bottles if needed
9:00AM- 10:00AM
● Morning nap
10:00AM- 10:30AM
● Diaper change
●  Bottles to the ones that did not get one before morning nap (Bottles are based on their last 
10:30AM- 11:00AM
● Crafts
● Circle time
11:00AM- 11:15AM
●  Lunch prep for the ones that are having solids
●  ASL & Ms Rachel are playing as we are prepping
11:15AM- 11:45AM
● Lunch time
●  Bottles for the ones that need one or left some behind earlies
● Diaper change
●  Outfit change for the ones that had lunch
12:00PM- 3:00PM
● Nap/ quiet time
● The ones that wake up before 3pm will get a diaper change and be put back into their cribs with a book or soft toy
●  If every baby is up by 2:30PM we will transfer to classroom
● Diaper changes
● bottles
3:30PM- 5:30PM
● Free play/ reading
●  Get ready for pick up (diaper changes before going home and bottle if needed)

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