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Lil Cowpokes

The Lil Cowpokes class is for students walking and approching 18M Old




7:30AM- 8:30AM
●  Drop off, breakfast, clean hands/ mouth
8:30AM- 8:50AM
●  Walk to classroom, morning diapers, sanitize hands
8:50AM- 10:00AM
●  Art & crafts, circle time, ASL, reading, sensory, dance party, indoor play
10:00AM- 10:20AM
●  Morning bottles if needed, mid morning diapers, sanitize hands
10:30AM- 11:10AM
● Outdoor play
11:10AM- 12:OOPM
● Wash hands
● Lunch

12:00PM- 12:15PM
●  Diapers, sanitize hands, get ready for nap
12:15PM- 3:00PM
● Nap time
3:00PM- 3:20PM
● Diapers/ sanitize hands
● Bottles if needed
● Snack time
3:20PM- 5:30PM
● Indoor/ outdoor play
● Pick up
● Diapers as needed

● Water breaks throughout the day
●  Sunscreen applied for outdoor time
●  Diapers are checked in between changes
●  If drop off is after 8:20 child should be fed prior to dropping off
●  Outdoor play can change due to weather


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