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Cowpokes are between the age od 18M and 2 Years Old

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7:30AM- 8:15AM
● Drop off
●  Free play, coloring, diaper check
8:15AM- 8:30AM
● Breakfast
8:30AM- 9:00AM
● Outdoor/Indoor play
●  Free play, dance party, sensory(bubbles, water play, sand)
9:00AM- 9:50AM
●  9:00AM- Diaper change & water break
● 9:10AM- Academics
● 9:30AM- Art & Crafts
9:55AM- 10:30AM
●  Free play, bubbles, dance party, diaper change
10:30AM- 12:OOPM
● 10:35AM- Story time/AM snack
● 10:40AM- Indoor play
● 11:00AM- Circle time
●  11:10AM- Arts and crafts & sensory
●  11:30AM- Diapers, wash hands, lunch prep
●  11:45AM- Nap prep & clean up time
● 11:55AM- Lunch
12:30PM- 3:00PM
●  Diaper check/ change clothes if messy
● Nap
3:00PM- 3:30PM
● Wake up
● Diaper change
● Snack
3:30PM- 5:30PM
● Indoor/outdoor play
● 4:15PM- Diaper change
● Pick up

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