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Children thrive when they receive consistent support and follow familiar schedules, just like at LB3C. This enables them to anticipate what's coming next, enhancing smooth transitions between activities  and strengthening their self-control. Our experienced staff are experts in creating activities that recognize the individual needs of each child, building on their strengths and supporting them to reach their full potential. Working together as a team with parents, teachers, and other professionals, we ensure that every child feels safe, respected, and valued in our care. 

Student behavior 

Our staff members are dedicated to collaborating with children and their families to address any 
behavioral concerns that may arise. While we strive to assist every child in becoming exemplary 
individuals, we cannot allow one child's behavior to impede others from reaching the program's 
goals and objectives. In the event that a child's behavior becomes excessively disruptive or poses 
a threat to the emotional and physical safety of our staff or other children, the following steps 
will be taken:

1. A parent conference will be scheduled to foster a constructive dialogue between the family and 
staff. Together, we will develop a plan to address and resolve the issue. This conference can take 
various forms, such as formal or informal meetings, communication through notes or phone calls.
2. Sufficient time will be granted for the child to demonstrate improvement in their behavior. 
Following this period, another parent conference will be arranged to evaluate the child's progress.
3. If, despite our collective efforts, the behavior persists and cannot be resolved in a manner 
satisfactory to both the Preschool and the parents, the Director and staff may determine that our 
program is not meeting the child's needs. In such cases, termination from the program may be deemed 

**Termination of Enrollment**

The Child Development Specialist/Director reserves the right to terminate enrollment in the program for any reason. To ensure a proper evaluation, the first month of enrollment serves as a trial period. After this initial month, the Child Development Specialist may choose to either continue enrollment or terminate it.

Children may be dropped from the program for any of the following reasons


● Failure to meet payment obligations.
● Failure to complete necessary enrollment forms.
● Failure to sign the child in/out properly.
● Failure to promptly pick up a sick or injured child when contacted.
●  Failure to provide current local emergency contacts with working phone numbers. ( corrections 
can be made in the parent portal located at
● Non-support or non-adherence of parents to Laura's Barn Preschool's policies.
●  A child's behavior that endangers the safety of other children (Please refer to our Policy and 
Procedures). In such cases, termination may be immediate to ensure the safety of all children and 
● Refusing to participate in group activities and transitions between indoor and outdoor settings 
is considered a safety concern in student behavior.
●  Repeated: Biting, pushing, spitting, or kicking by students, whether intentional or not, is seen 
as a safety concern and cause for termination of enrollment.

The behavior of a single student can significantly impact the dynamics and overall learning 
environment of the entire group. When one child exhibits disruptive behavior, it not only distracts 
their peers, but also diverts the teacher's attention, potentially leading to a decline in the 
overall educational quality delivered. Furthermore, such behavior can lead to a breeding ground for bullying or create an emotionally charged environment, making it uncomfortable or even unsafe for other children. Hence, it is crucial to address such issues promptly, ensuring that each child's rights to a secure, conducive, and productive learning environment is upheld. To facilitate this, we encourage an open line of communication between the staff and parents, reinforcing the idea that behavioral management is a shared responsibility.


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